Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dating Site

I know we have been talking a lot about dating lately, and it isn't like I have such an active social life (as evidenced by the number of posts that come through here each day), but part of that is because I really do not know how to date. No kidding. I don't lack the confidence to ask someone out, but I rarely know how to approach them; I don't think anyone would be bowled-over by a direct approach by me and I do not want to run them off, so I rarely take the first step so. Thus, I rarely even get a date to screw-up! I am not afraid of rejection - it isn't that, at all - I just always think that there will be a better time and therefore never really do anything.

But even then, I mean, where do you go? What do you talk about? What is an acceptable "date" these days? Should you try to kiss her goodbye on the first date (or go inside for "coffee") or is that too forward? If you don't even try, will she think you a coward or that you aren't interested in her? Is inviting her over to your home for a dinner too intimate for a first date, and if so, when does it become appropriate?

Do I have to put-out?

Maybe I am making more out of the whole thing than need be, but I really don't think so; I think a lot of people face these same questions and uncertainties. Dating in the modern world is nothing like it used to be and there are a lot of questions as to how these age-old practices and customs are supposed to be handled. Really: what is dating in the modern world and how in the world does it work?

Well now there is a site for all of us who really do not know - but really would like to find out: is a Modern dating web site with a ton of information - answering questions, raising new ones, showing the rest of us the way to get started dating and be successful at it. Tips on this dating site are not sleazy, "pick-up wimmins" sorts of hints; this is a site dedicated to helping you find out what you want from dating, what you want in a woman, and how to go about getting that and her, make it successful, and hang on to it.

The guy who put together is 30 years old and the site is used by men ages 18-45, so this is no "player" handing out tips like "Get yo'self a gold grill, dawg" or some feel-good "doctor" who tells you to "connect on a personal level - discuss your feelings and goals." This is a guy, much like the rest, of us who has some helpful tips and ideas on dating and we could all use a little help in that arena. Unless you're married... no, seriously - you're supposed to stop dating once you get married. And if your situation is different, you would benefit more from different "dating" sites.

Take a few moments and read through the stuff available. I was actually impressed with a lot of what he has to say and I think you will be too. Or, if you'd rather, check out these audio tips and save some clicking!

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