Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to seduce women - naturally

Every younger person has one aim of having an beautiful girlfriend for understanding there emotions, for sharing each & every thing relating to its life, and ultimately for fun. But many of us understand this very much, attracts an women is ultimately an difficult task because we did not understand her feelings in this relating to what she wants in men, what she find in, what she like in men. Those men who fullfill these quality i say onething for that type of men that they are expert in seducing women. So this way i also want become an amateur/expert in that i read many books articles magazine on how to seduce women butI got tired of reading about tricks and seduction styles that make me feel uncomfortable because it is not who I naturally am. I wanted to learn to attract women without pretending to be someone else but me. – no deceptions, no tricks and no lies. I want to seduce women without being a farce.

I was browsing through the net and was fortunate enough to discover a page that deals with how to seduce women – the natural way of course. This site was an eye opener for me. I read with awe at the very natural tips and ways that could make me attractive and seductive to women. It made me realize that I do have the capacity to seduce women if only I know what to do and how to it. Knowing what to do and how gave me a sense of confidence and inspired me to try. I came to learn these ways like the back of my hand and soon seducing women became so natural to me.

My successes in seduction made me dream to become a player. Again the page came in very handy with tips on how to be a player. It taught me how to learn to build my confidence with women more. I was surprised at how easy it was to learn how to flirt naturally without deceiving. I was surprised at how attracting women could be so natural when I followed their tips on how to approach women and ask for dates.

The tips on how to be cocky and humorous were fantastic and I enjoyed the experience of making women laugh and giggle and look at me with desire.One of the most important things that I have learned is the art of expressing who I am and my self-confidence in my body language. There are very simple tips on how I can project the confidence I have inside so that women can feel that confidence in me too. The tips I learned were so natural that soon it became second nature to me. Learning these tips made me feel confident and comfortable with myself that were once so remote to me.

Learning to seduce women the natural way means knowing and being yourself, learning and gaining confidence in yourself and being comfortable with yourself. Being able to express this confidence in yourself in the way your body moves completes the ingredients that will transform you into a desirable person in the eyes of women – without being what your are not.

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